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Taiwanese School of Atlanta is a nonprofit organization, and has provided Mandarin class to Taiwanese American children for 18 years. T.S.A. teachers are experienced and the highest qualified available, with degrees and advanced degrees in Chinese and linguistics.

 The Taiwanese School of Atlanta offers 2 types of Chinese classes; Taiwanese Phonic and Traditional Chinese for students who have Chinese background, and Conversation classes for students who do not have Chinese background.


Our teachers in the Chinese foundation classes engages students with fun and interactive activities. We encourage our students to enjoy classes, to establish the habit of attending classes, and be gradually introduce them to listening, speaking, reading, and writing Chinese from the very basic level to more in depth materials, with the final goal of passing the AP Chinese Exam in high school. 我們中文基礎班的老師都使用活潑互動遊戲的方式引起學生的興趣讓學生覺得星期六來學中文是快樂是理所當然然後漸漸的我們在課程中加入聽寫由淺到深的材料,建立學生中文程度,最後目標希望學生在高中可通過AP Chinese Exam。

Learning Chinese is not limited by class time. Learning starts as students step into our school: staff greeting, Chinese classes, snack time, end of the day good bye. In addition, our school hosts many fun activities to celebrate traditional Chinese holidays to promote lessons in both the language and culture.


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